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 Sujet du message: YOU KNOW YOU ARE A MUM WHEN...
MessagePosté: Lun Avr 16, 2018 2:20 pm 
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I realized that I have become a full-fledged mum when I stopped criticizing the way mine raised me. It was also at that precise moment I discovered a newfound appreciation for my mum, through my own overpowering love for my daughter. “Wow,” I remember thinking, “so this is how much my mum loves me!” It was quite an epiphany for me!

That precise moment, however, is not limited to the aforementioned as it is different for everyone. That “aha” moment when you realized that your life has changed forever - that you have irreversibly crossed over to motherhood. Becoming a mum heralds many changes, some welcome and some unwelcome. But they are all definitely indicative of one thing; you are a mum now and that identity is one that will stick with you forever. Below is a list of classic “you know you are a mum when...” moments that most of you will probably identify with!
So without any further ado, let's begin.
You know you are a mum when...

1. hear your mum's voice coming out of your own mouth!
The good: You appreciate your mum a lot more now.
The bad: Yes, you are turning into your mum.

2. receive ads for baby products in your email now – not shoes and handbags.

The good: Material things mean less to you now = more money saved for your kid's college funds!
The bad: You are the least fashionable among your peers now. So long, fashionable self! And they wonder why mums tend to hang out with other mums.

3. wipes... baby wipes everywhere.
The good: Have you seen how versatile baby wipes are?

The bad: But have you seen how versatile they are?

4. ...your Google search history is all baby-related e.g. is it normal for a baby to...., Malaysia leading online baby store with free shipping and best baby wipes.
The good: Congratulations, you are now officially a treasure trove of knowledge on all things baby-related.
The bad: So... many... different choices and advices! It can get pretty confusing.

5. ...peeing and poo-ing with an audience has become part of your daily routine.
The good: …..... Nope, can't think of one.
The bad: This. @*$&%^$%*& Give mummy a break!

6. ...three hours of sleep = a good night's sleep to you.

The good: You will never ever, EVER take bedtime for granted again.
The bad: The eye bags, the dark circles, the constant tiredness.... need I say more?

7. have developed superhuman hearing.

The good: Eat your heart out,baby clothes, Wolverine!
The bad: You lost the ability to enjoy silence, because while silence is golden, silence when you have a toddler is usually very, VERY suspicious.

8. ...going to grocery shopping by yourself feels like a vacation.

The good: Your time management skills are off the charts!
The bad: In contrast, going on a family vacation now feels like work.

9. can breastfeed, cook and yell at the kids, all without missing any of the sitcom you're watching.

The good: All hail the queens of multitasking – mothers.
The bad: Going to bed knowing that you've gotta do it all over again the next day. And relating to this meme way too much.

10. have told yourself at least once that you are not cut out for such tough work... but knowing deep down that you wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

The good: You will start to appreciate the time spent with your kid a lot more knowing that it is not going to last forever.
The bad: Can't think of any, really.

Other honourable mentions
11. bookmark only sites like Applecrumby & Fish now.
12. ...what designer handbag? The roomy changing bag is where it's at!
13. ...touching poo stops being a big deal. Really, it's not.
14. know all too well the agony of stepping on a piece of Lego.
15. cook as much in the play kitchen as in the real one.
16. are familiar with kids' TV shows – you have memorised all the names of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
17. stop being the first person you consider in any decision-making processes.
18. celebrate poops, farts and burps!
19. have no money to spend on yourself, but thousands on little surprises for them just to see the smile on their faces.
20. …you catch yourself cutting your husband's toasts into cute shapes!

So welcome to the prestigious mum club! Membership: Lifetime.

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MessagePosté: Mer Mai 16, 2018 8:16 pm 
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Inscription: Mer Mai 16, 2018 8:10 pm
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